Since its founding in Italy in 1947, Aro Tubi Trafilerie produces extruded aluminum tubes and drawn tubes for different sectors of the economy.

In the 70s, it developed and specialized in the extrusion of aluminum tubes for refrigerators.

Since then, Aro Tubi provides tubes for the leading European manufacturers of home appliances and their supply chains.

In the 90s, it starts manufacturing tubes in 3000 alloy for the automotive air conditioning application.

In 1993 it begins its commercial operations in Brazil, which became the embryo to the investment of a factory, and in 1995 it starts the extrusion process of aluminum tubes.

In 1997 it opens a new plant in Brazil focused on the manufacture of components for home appliances.

Tracking the displacement of its major customers to Eastern Europe, Aro Tubi in 2005 inaugurates a plant in Poland.

Today, with independent ownership and management structures, each acts on its continent, leading to excellence in products and services to major customers of home appliances and automotive air conditioning.

Visão aérea da Arotubi
  • Plant in Curitiba
  • Transformation of about 300 tons of aluminium a month
  • Operations in Central and South America